Our Services

Autism Intervention Milwaukee, LLC offers a full array of diagnostic, treatment and supportive services for your child.

Diagnostic Assessment:

Evaluations are conducted by our psychologist or licensed clinical social worker to determine diagnosis and plan of care.  Diagnostic appointments will include structured interview with parents, clinical observation of and engagement with child, review of outside therapy or medical records, and consultation with Birth to Three providers, teachers or daycare staff.  Formal assessment of cognitive, language and adaptive skills may be recommended if not yet completed elsewhere.  Parents will also be asked to complete standardized inventories as will the clinician. 

Intensive In-Home Behavioral Treatment: 

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is conducted in the home setting for 30-40 hours per week.  Methods utilized are evidenced based, and designed to optimize success, confidence and fun.  Therapy sessions are typically 2-3 hours long, and arranged around the family schedule.  Family members are encouraged to receive training from our staff so that skills are generalized in the child’s natural environment more quickly.  Services can alternatively be provided in a daycare setting if needed, provided that at least several sessions are also conducted at home.

Other services offered include:

  • parent support groups

  • standardized psychological assessment

  • babysitting list for AIM clients

  • school consultation 

  • counseling for older children or family members