Our Roots

Autism Intervention Milwaukee (AIM)  was founded in 2002 by Aimee Kohn and Dr. Kathleen Woody to carry on their mission to provide quality care.  Prior to establishing AIM, Dr. Woody  and Ms. Kohn served respectively as supervising psychologist and clinic director for another provider.  Although the substantial size of that agency provided a wide breadth of clinical experience, they both struggled with the demands of effectively managing so many employees and clinical teams. 


"We wanted to continue work but on a smaller scale. The goal was to know our employees, and for the families to feel that the leadership was readily accessible." ~Dr. Woody


Our Mission

AIM seeks to offer prime customer service. Unlike many clinics, AIM wants to preserve its small size and core specialties of diagnostic assessment and early, intensive behavioral intervention with toddlers and preschoolers.  Smaller caseloads allow for enhanced treatment efficacy, more frequent supervision and room for supervisory staff to more readily participate in ongoing continuing education.  Families benefit from the excellent support and training provided by AIM’s dedicated, engaged and consistent leadership team.   


Autism Intervention Milwaukee, LLC seeks to provide high-quality therapeutic services to children with autistic spectrum disorders. Methods of intervention will be consistent with research-supported treatment; with particular focus on principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis ( ABA). Treatment will be presented in a clinically sound and sensitive manner, with attention to the highest demands of ethical practice. Parents are sought to be included as active members of the treatment team.